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Regardless of the scope or size of the projects, our experts are capable of handling nearly any retail demolition job. Any retail demolition service is always followed by perfectly clean and presentable space left afterwards.

Retail Demolition Toronto

If you are looking for commercial retail demolition, you should not risk the unnecessary damages resulting from DIY demolition. The retail business is ever-changing, with new tenants moving in to use the space. You should reach out to us if you are ready to roll out a new design at a specific location or several locations. We have the right team, knowledge, and experience to give a hassle-free experience. You should not be limited by the space you are in. Instead, you should make the process work for you by rebuilding new spaces based on supplied designs. We are your go-to retail demolition contractor for all commercial, construction, including IT, utilities, framing, millwork, or any other adjustment. By demolishing the interior of your retail store, you breathe new life into the building.

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Before we begin working on any retail space demolition, we visit the premises to devise a demolition plan. A well-laid-out plan enables us to carry out the demolition safely and successfully. We will craft a detailed demolition plan outlining what will be involved in the demolition and how it will be carried out. Our plan will also outline the equipment we will use to demolish and how much debris to clean up after the demolition.


Before we start the demolition process, we will take all the necessary safety measures to avoid possible hazards like flammable materials. We understand that demolition could lead to exposure to dust and noise; our experts will take the necessary steps to reduce the demolition impacts. We will use the safest and most efficient demolition method while still staying within the confines of your budget.

Retail Demolition – Our Process

Whenever we demolish a building’s interior or retail store, we are careful and strive to keep our work as clean as possible. We often clear the demolition site of debris and broken pieces. We know all too well that having loose items lying all over the place is hazardous. Clearing the site creates a safe work environment which enables us to work more efficiently without worrying about tripping on the debris. After the demolition, we dump all the dirt and debris at the back of our trucks and haul it away. You do not have to hire a company to remove the debris. Our demolition services may involve asbestos removal and mould remediation, depending on the construction materials used.

What We Demolish ?

We offer a wide range of interior retail demolition services, including:

  • Stores in malls
  • Warehouses
  • Supermarkets
  • All constructions, including IT, framing, millwork, and utilities

Why Choose Our Retail Demolition Services

Our demolishing experts have handled numerous retail store demolition projects. We work with retail firms, large and small, helping them transform their retail buildings from broken and outdated interiors to attractive and profitable stores. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose our demolition services:


Professional & reliable team

We will always be available anytime you need us.

Customer service is our priority

We provide superior services to our customers to enhance customer satisfaction.


We have fair & transparent pricing

We reveal all the costs in our quotes. We won’t surprise you with hidden charges.

We provide same-day or next-day services

We will schedule the demolition process as soon as possible and won’t keep you waiting.

We are fully licensed and insured

You will be in safe hands by choosing us because all our demolition experts are insured and licensed.

Special rates and discounts

Regularly, we provide discounts and special rates for our clients.

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Grocery Stores / Retail / Commercial

  • Your Independent Grocer
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Loblaws
  • No Frills
  • Fortinos
  • Zehrs Markets

  • Sobeys
  • FreshCo

  • Food Basics
  • Metro

Mall / Shopping Centres:

  • Yorkdale Shopping Centre
  • Fairview Mall
  • Fairview Park Mall
  • Lime Ridge Mall
  • Markville Shopping Centre
  • Sherway Gardens
  • Toronto Eaton Centre


  • TD Centre
  • RBC Centre


  • Sunnybrook
  • Toronto East General Hospital
  • The Hospital for Sick Children
  • Stella’s Place for Young Adult Mental Health
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